Germany 1984 – Director: Volker Koepp – Original language: German

“People always ask us, even beg us, to speak our minds. So we talk. But nothing changes.” That is textile worker Edith’s frustrated summary of the constitution of the socialistic enterprise where she works. Volker Koepp has followed the female workers of this textile factory for ten years. This film was intended to depict its closure. Edith, Elsbeth and Renate openly recount the difficulties in the company and its shortcomings, and reveal their desires and their dreams. With hindsight it is clear how their dynamism and their need to bring about change are dropped in favour of a longing for peace and domestic bliss. Volker Koepp leaves space for gentle criticism of the system and does not offer a politically correct ideological perspective. Long glances into the faces of the women become a metaphor for the inexpressible.

Writer: Volker Koepp, Wolfgang Geier & Annerose Richter. Camera: Christian Lehmann. Music: Rainer Böhm. Production: DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme. Producer: x. Length: 85 min. Distribution: Progress Filmverleih