Germany 2001 – Director: Volker Koepp – Original language: German, Lithuanian, Russian – Subtitles: German

KURISCHE NEHRUNG is a film that takes its time to contemplate a landscape and listens attentively to people. The Courland Spit is a mystical swathe of land shaped by water and the wind. It has seen the repeated shifting of borders within its territory and its populations in constant turmoil as a result of the wars of the 20th Century. The pensioner Renate lives here. She married a Russian sailor but she still speaks perfect German and explains to us how you can cook crows. We watch an unemployed film projectionist as he makes pastries and drops off film spools at an abandoned cinema. We hear from a fisherman and his wife who are very much in love and hope for a second child. This film depicts a longing for a simple happy life.

German title: Kurische Nehrung. Writer: Volker Koepp. Camera: Thomas Plenert. Sound: Matthias Pfister, Uve Haussig
. Editing: Angelika Arnold. Music: Sebastian Wittstock. Production: Tomas Geyer Film mit Vineta Film, Berlin. Producer: Thomas Geyer, Barbara Frankenstein. Length: 91 min. Distribution: Edition Salzgeber