Germany 2010 – Director: Josef Rödl – Original language: German

“In the media there is always another new bandwagon. The good cabaret artiste describes it; the bad jumps on and rides with it.” That is Joseph Hader’s astute assessment of the difference between good and bad cabaret. And he is not the only one to question the meaning of their work in this film. Is political cabaret merely a vain party piece among like-minded people? Since the wall came down, politicalsatire has taken on an almost disturbing jester’s licence – is this a good sign? Or is it the case that freedom is always more marginalizing than prohibition. Censorship apparently doesn’t exist anymore. Or does it? And, if it does, then how and where?


Camera: Martin Betz, Simon Kifmann, Theo Dietzel, Josef Mayerhofer. Sound: Ali Zojaji, Martin Wolfsteiner. Editing: Uwe Wrobel. Music: Golly Hertlein. Production: j.rödl filmproduktion & Wolfgang Latteyer. Producer: j.rödl filmproduktion. Length: 90 min.

DOK.special 2010
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