Congo (Democratic Republic), South Africa 2010 – Director: Dieudo Hamadi, Divita Wa Lusala, Kiripi Katembo Siku – Original language: French, Lingala – Subtitles: English

How do people live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a nation that makes headlines in the world press because of its dictatorships and wars? In four short films, four Congolese directors tell of the arduous everyday life in this often troubled country. In LADIES IN WAITING women cannot pay their bills in the hospital. In SYMPHONY KINSHASA eight million people live at close quarters in their run-down city. In ZERO TOLERANCE we follow the arrest of a group of youths who attacked a woman returning from the shops in a rural community. And AFTER THE MINE documents backbreaking work in a fell-field. All in all this is a poignant film that brings to light, from various perspectives, the Congolese will to survive.

English/Original Title: Congo in Four Acts. Production: Suka! Production. Producer: Steven Markovitz. Length: 72 min. International Sales: Suka! Productions