Germany 2009 – Director: Caroline Picker – Co-Director: Karo Wendorf – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

The official name of the high-density housing estate where this film takes place is “Legiencenter” but most of the people who live there call it “The Bunker.” The people who grow up in this dingy apartment complex in the Billstedt quarter of Hamburg have learnt not to expect too much from life. Many of them come from Afghanistan or are Romany gypsies. Their everyday life is ruled by drugs and criminality. But, nonetheless, they have dreams. We can sense the deep insecurity of the youth who speak surprisingly openly in front of the camera. The values that they have learnt from their parents are in constant conflict with those of their new homeland. Then suddenly an honour killing happens in their neighbourhood…

Writer: Caroline Picker. Camera: Caroline Picker. Sound: Caroline Picker, David Brych. Editing: Caroline Picker, Nina Rebelein. Production: Caroline Picker. Producer: Caroline Picker. Length: 90 min.