Germany, Israel 2009 – Director: Ya'ir G. Magall – Original language: Hebrew – Subtitles: German

Two scruffy-looking men sit at a table drinking and chatting about trivial things. They are resigned, uncritical, sometimes angry. They are sitting on a veranda in the Israeli township of Sderot on the edge of the Gaza Strip. Any minute now another Qassam missile could hit their town bringing death and destruction. The bunkers that are meant to provide them security are built by Palestinian workers. This short film presents a completely absurd world and is a parable of the entire Middle East conflict. The people struggle with what is happening but they are not sure how to bring about any fundamental change. Policies are made elsewhere; here the war goes on.

English/Original Title: Qassam. German title: Qassam. Writer: Ya'ir G. Magall. Camera: Tobias Tempel. Sound: Kilian Blees. Editing: Ya'ir G. Magall, Stine Munch. Music: Verena Marisa Schmidt. Production: CHOCK-A-BLOCK FILM. Producer: Markus Brandmair, Christina Christ. Length: 20 min.