Germany 2009 – Director: Sebastian Sorg – Original language: English – Subtitles: German

A man alone in the wilderness. After his best friend’s suicide Greg struggles to make sense of things and sees his life through new eyes. Thus he leaves the trouble hotspot of Baltimore, his hitherto hometown, and heads north to the Canadian wilderness. In his attempt to fathom and depict the interior world of Greg Paulson, the director Sebastian Sorg has decided to exploit an extremely sensual characteristic of his protagonist: his voice. In dialogue with the images it gives the flow of associations a rhythm – sometimes with relish, sometimes resignedly or dreamily. That which in reality is beyond his grasp is captured in a filmed moment. A picture of his inner wilderness emerges. THE WILDEST GUY is a snapshot of American society during the financial crisis.

English/Original Title: The Wildest Guy. German title: The Wildest Guy. Writer: Sorg/Paulson. Camera: Sebastian Sorg. Sound: Sebastian Sorg. Editing: Sebastian Sorg. Music: Greg Paulson. Production: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München. Producer: Mareike Lueg. Length: 30 min.