Germany 2009 – Director: Maya Reichert – Original language: German

“Knowledge of God is life with God! But sometimes there are days…” Sister Dorothea is the youngest of 20 Cistercian nuns in the contemplative order of the Oberschönenfeld convent near Augsburg. On the one hand, life here under the strict Rule of Saint Benedict (silence, prayer, work) gives the fun-loving woman grounding, but on the other hand she has her doubts. Do the practicalities of her earthly life in this community of women actually stand in the way of her path to God? Behind the otherwise closed convent walls we meet an unusual and charming nun who is struggling to reconcile the conflicting values of freedom and obedience. A broadening of horizons is guaranteed!

English/Original Title: Nun Dorothea. Writer: Maya Reichert. Camera: Diana Weilepp. Sound: Susanne Lukas. Editing: Ulrike Tortora. Production: Reichert & Scharbatke Filmproduktion GbR. Producer: Lucia Scharbatke und Maya Reichert. Length: 71 min.