Deutschland 2002 – Director: Horst Stenzel – Original language: deutsch und spanisch – Subtitles: German


Huayqui Oceano loves his Peruvian country. His home is the small town Moyobamba within the Amazon aera. Fauna and flora are luxuriant. Some species can only be found in this specific region. This prosperous nature is endangered now. Oil has be found, extensive parts of the woods are deforested by campesinos, and the jaguar, the otorongo, as he is called by the Quechua speaking indians, has lost his territory. Huayqui initiated campaings to save the rainforest and to avoid further destruction. For him the otorongo is a symbol of the old Indian culture, and with this animal the whole culture disappears. Huayqui is a qualified composer and musician, and his music is dedicated to salvage the nature. The film introduces his life and his music, his struggle against influential economic interests, indifferent politics, against the poverty of the unemployed and the distress of the campesinos.

Writer: Horst Stenzel. Camera: Horst Stenzel. Sound: Cornelia Bernoulli. Editing: Horst Stenzel. Music: Huayqui Oceano. Production: Stenzel-Film. Producer: Horst Stenzel. Length: 59 min.

New Films from Bavaria (2002-2007) 2003
MAXIM Do 8.5. 23.00