Germany 2009 – Director: Daniela Agostini – Original language: German

The infamous murder of a millionairess in Munich and a trial based on circumstantial evidence are examined here from an unusual perspective. The film follows a group of people in their thirties who stick by their school friend when he is accused of brutally killing his aunt out of greed. They all know the alleged culprit well and none of them would believe that he was capable of murder, especially not such a violent one. Meanwhile the investigators are convinced of the accused’s guilt. The evidence at the crime scene, a difficult relationship with his aunt, a motive and no alibi – all point towards Bence Toth being the perpetrator. The film does not take sides; it just reveals in the end the verdict of the trial. Will it be a life sentence for the nephew or will he walk free? This is a film about friendship and love, mistrust and declarations of innocence in the face of a serious accusation.

Writer: Daniela Agostini, Christian Bauer, Marc Haenecke. Camera: Thomas Bresinsky. Sound: Markus Czernohorsky Andi Kickel Andi Eschbaumer. Editing: Vivien Schober. Music: Xander Zimmermann. Production: Tangram Christian Bauer Filmproduktion. Producer: Dagmar Biller, Christian Bauer. Length: 92 min.