Deutschland 2009 – Director: Frank D. Müller – Original language: German – Subtitles: English

Playing dirty for a good cause. The Mud Flat Olympics - a down and dirty sporting tournament in Northern Germany - looks on the surface to be a simple, fun-filled frolic in the mud. But this spectacular competition has a serious side - it acts as a fund-raiser for cancer organisations. The artist Jens Rusch has himself battled cancer, now he organises this charitable mud bath assisted by a team of volunteers. This is not just about mud slinging and playing dirty; it is about never giving up and a positive attitude towards life with all its ups and downs. With its documentation of an extraordinary event, this sport film is a revelation about the land and its people: humorous, reflective and life affirming.

Writer: Frank D. Müller. Camera: Holger Seidel & Matthias Zuber. Sound: Konstantin Kirilow. Editing: Ulrike Tortora & Frank D. Müller. Music: Guido Hieronymus. Production: Circles Filmproduktion GmbH und Frank D. Müller Filmproduktion. Producer: Markus Penth. Length: 87 min. Distribution: Frank D. Müller Filmproduktion