France 2009 – Director: Luc Moullet – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

Why is it that in a certain part of Provence there is an abundance of personality disorders and violent crimes without plausible motive? Is it a hereditary disposition? Malnutrition? Or is there something in the beautiful landscape? Nouvelle Vague director Luc Moullet originally comes from this region himself and so he has a particular interest in this phenomenon. With dry humour he documents grotesque criminal cases, spectacular suicides and bouts of religious delusion in his homeland. In awkwardly detailed pieces to camera the cult director presents himself, with subtle self-irony, as an unstable eccentric. Unique in its bizarreness, originality and creative intelligence, this film is a work of art.

English/Original Title: Land of Madness. Camera: Pierre Stoeber. Sound: Olivier Schwob. Editing: Anthony Verpoort. Production: Les Films d’Ici. Producer: Les Films d’Ici. Length: 90 min. International Sales: Doc & Film International.