Germany 2009 – Director: Pawel Siczek – Co-Director: Daniel Samer – Original language: Georgian, German, Russian – Subtitles: English

A man sits on the kerb begging. He speaks candidly about what has brought him to this place. A handful of Georgian protestors get caught in a heated exchange of words with Russian passers-by – this is how their war continues on foreign soil. A young girl has just done a runner from home again. She has only one wish for her younger brother: that he doesn’t become like her. Munich’s Kaufinger Street is one of the many pedestrian zones in Germany. Seemingly faceless and interchangeable, it is filled with the same old branches of the same old high-street chains. But this film keenly illustrates what you can discover about people and their fortunes here when you, for once, just stop and look closely.    

English/Original Title: Pedestrian Zone. German title: Fußgängerzone. Writer: Pawel Siczek. Camera: Daniel Samer. Sound: Daniel Samer. Editing: Pawel Siczek, Daniel Samer. Production: Junger Götter Film - und Medienproduktion. Producer: OnnO Ehlers. Length: 60 min.