Iran 2008 – Director: Mahmood Rahmani – Original language: Persian

“No film has ever shown what we have seen in war. War is dirty, not interesting.“ Mohammad is bursting with pain and frustration. We can sense his struggle to overcome the insurmountable obstacle between authentic experience and its aesthetic reproduction. In his office at his desk Mohammad, a gifted storyteller, recounts his traumatic childhood memories of the Iran-Iraq War and reveals the eerie power of his foreboding. Gestures and vocalisations conjure up the atmosphere of a childhood spent in the midst of a hail of bombs; a pencil takes the place of an approaching missile. Filmed without cuts in one single take, MOLF-E-GAND uses presumably the longest plan sequence in Iranian film history.

Production: Visual Arts Center of Khuzestan. Producer: Mahmood Rahmani. Length: 53 min. Distribution: Sheherazad Media International.