Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia 2009 – Director: Peter Kerekes – Original language: German – Subtitles: English, German

“Without food there is no war,” says the Croat. “When people have nothing to eat, they can’t fight,” says the Serb. Both of them cooked for their soldiers in the war, as once the German bread baker and the Russian blini maker were pitched against each other in World War II. With black humour and always with a pinch of salt, COOKING HISTORY examines the wars and uprisings of the 20th Century from the perspective of field cooking. Like a grotesque cookery show, the film takes us through recipes such as “Coq-au-vin for 500,000 French soldiers in Algeria” or “Schnitzel for 19 drowned sailors.” Melancholic and traumatic war memories emerge from shocking montages and ludicrous re-enactments. There is only one thing that none of the chefs know: a recipe against fear.

Camera: Martin Kollár. Sound: Daniel Němec & Štěpán Mamula. Editing: Marek Šulík. Music: Marek Piaček. Production: MISCHIEF FILMS. Producer: Ralph Wieser. Length: 88 min. International Sales: Taskovski Films Ltd.