Canada 2009 – Director: Sylvain L'Esperance – Original language: French – Subtitles: English

Sékou Sabe is a craftsman of traditional Piroge boats. Travelling with him along the Niger is Sékou Nianto, a Bozo fisherman. Life in the delta of Mali on the southern edge of the Sahara is changing. The river is threatening to dry up; the fish are disappearing. With foresight and humour the people speak of their everyday life in the region, the weariness of the fishermen and the complicated family relationships. A storm erupts. It is a breathtaking spectacle amid a landscape that has been inexorably altered by economy and ecology. The film is a voyage into the awe-inspiring expanse of the Niger floodplains where the heart of a culture still beats strongly.

English/Original Title: Into the delta. Writer: Sylvain L'Esperance. Camera: Sylvain L'Esperance. Sound: Sylvain L'Esperance. Editing: Rene Roberge. Production: Les films du tricycle. Producer: Sylvain L'Esperance. Length: 76 min.