Serbia 2009 – Director: Boris Mitic – Original language: Serbia – Subtitles: English, German

Had enough of fortune cookies and tired proverbs? Let us introduce you to the world of Serbian aphorisms, sharp, witty observations which provide the perfect antidote to everyday life. Our unseen Narrator is a jaded hero for our times, prepared to die for his beliefs if only he could find something to believe in... His last motivation is to choose how to die, so he challenges various opponents, as diverse as society is flawed, to absurd duels; honest politician, redeemed war criminal, hypocritical moralist, irresponsible parent, ungrateful child... However, after each duel aphoristic punchlines, possibly spoken by his own alter ego, deconstruct his opponents until they become obsolete, leaving the narrator himself as his only worthy opponent.

The best Serbian aphorisms of the last 50 years are complemented by "satirical documentary footage" shot over a 3-year Balkan road trip, with references from everything from “Fight Club” to “Don Quixote”, by way of our own lives.

"If you recognized yourself in the film, you are probably right."

“When you can’t change things,

you can always change the way you look at things.

And the way you film them.”

English/Original Title: Goodbye, How Are You?. Writer: Boris Mitic. Camera: Boris Mitic. Sound: Ivan Uzelac. Editing: Aleksandar Uhrin. Music: Pascal Comelade. Production: Dribbling Pictures. Producer: Boris Mitic. Length: 60 min.