Deutschland 2003 – Director: Charlotte Marsau und Katharina Geinitz – Co-Director: Katharina Geinitz – Original language: German – Subtitles: English


Germany, 1996. After a series of arson-attacks on homes for asylum-seekers in Rostock, Mölln and Solingen yet another fire is laid, this time in Lübeck. Ten people living in a refugee-home are killed. A Lebanese man is accused of laying the fire as an act of vengeance. Suspicion also falls on three neo-Nazis. In the following investigation one mistake after another is made. The evidence is circumstantial, not enough to prove the Germans guilty and the case is closed. All appeals to the court are finally rejected in 2002.

The prosecutor: "Only God knows the truth." - The lawyer: "It takes that much paper to cover up the truth."

Comedian Dietrich Kittner wants to find a way out of the maze of evidence, acting as a commentator with his show "Lübecker Moritat". To him it is clear: the culprits are the rightists. Director Charlotte Marsau: "I am not taking sides. I don't want to denounce anyone."

Writer: Katharina Geinitz, Charlotte Marsau. Camera: Hans Rudolph Hattop, Hanno Moritz Kunow. Sound: Lothar W. Mankewitz, Katharina Geinitz. Editing: Katharina Geinitz. Music: Charlotte Marsau. Production: Rosamars Film. Producer: Charlotte Marsau. Length: 107 min. Distribution: Rosamars Film

International Program (2002-2009) 2003
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