Argentina 2007 – Director: Herman Szwarcbart – Original language: Sango, Spanish – Subtitles: English

In the so-called "Tragic week" of 1919, more than 100 people lost their lives in a pogrom sparked by a workers strike in the Once district of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Little is known about what happened, except that it is said that "some well-to-do boys went out to hunt the kikes."  Filmmaker Herman Szwarcbart had initially planned a fictional film based on his 95-year-old grandfather's arrival in Buenos Aires from Poland. But when his grandfather told him that he didn’t know anything about the pogrom either, Szwarcbart wanted to find out more about this sinister episode in Argentinian history. The director's investigation took him deep into the heart of the ideologically fractured Jewish community of Argentina. He found references to the pogrom in music and literature and plunged into historical records. His discoveries are pieced together in the film through archive footage, reconstructions and interviews. Thanks to his meticulous efforts, a once repressed yet all but forgotten story can now be told to a new generation.



English/Original Title: Buenos Aires' Pogrom. Writer: Herman Szwarcbart. Camera: Mariano Monti. Sound: Martín Grignaschi, Federico Billordo. Editing: Alejandra Almirón. Music: Martín Telechanski. Production: Gold Soft S.A.. Producer: Gabriel Kameniecki, Herman Szwarcbart. Length: 70 min.