Israel 2017 – Director: Golan Rise – Original language: Hebrew – Subtitles: English

After the death of their mother, the children find her diaries. One for each child, seven in all. They begin to read and travel back to their childhood in a Kibbutz in the Israel of the 50s and 60s. A mood of optimism versus maternal instincts? A film that stirs the emotions.

English/Original Title: HAMACHBAROT SHEL ELISH. Writer: Golan Rise, Sharon Yaish. Camera: Daniel Kedem. Sound: Aviv Aldema. Editing: Sharon Yaish. Music: Sharon Rise. Production: Daroma Productions. Producer: Elad Peleg, Haggai Arad. Length: 74 min. International Sales: Go2Films.

#Middle East #Looking Back #Who am I? #The Places you call Home