France 2017 – Director: Diane Sara Bouzgarrou – Co-Director: / – Original language: English, French – Subtitles: English

When the revolution in Tunisia breaks out there is no holding back Diane’s passionate feelings. Sightlessly she plunges into a whirlpool of emotions. Then comes the diagnosis: bipolar disorder. Years later she discovers hours of unseen video material from back then. A filmic puzzle: part self-exploration, part experiment.

English/Original Title: JE NE ME SOUVIENS DE RIEN. Writer: /. Camera: Diane Sara Bouzgarrou. Sound: Diane Sara Bouzgarrou. Editing: Agnès Bruckert. Music: Anna Calvi. Production: Triptyque Films. Producer: Thomas Jenkoe. Length: 59 min. International Sales: Docks 66. Distribution: Same as international distribution

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