Algerien 2017 – Director: Bahïa Bencheikh-El-Fegoun – Original language: Arabic, French – Subtitles: English

A rich land economically and culturally, Algeria fluctuates today between despair and the hope of a new beginning. Then there is a series of suicides at the heart of society. The coast and the sea. Images flow into and over each other poetically like a Fata Morgana.

English/Original Title: CHADHAYA EL AHLAM. Writer: Bahïa Bencheikh-El-Fegoun. Camera: Nacer Medjkane. Sound: Moncef Taleb. Editing: Caroline Detournay. Music: Erik Truffaz Quartet. Production: Allers-Retours Films. Producer: Bahïa Bencheikh-El-Fegoun. Length: 75 min. International Sales: Narimane Mari Distribution: Narimane Mari

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