Germany 2016 – Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer – Original language: Arabic, German, Japanese, Portuguese – Subtitles: German

What is the meaning of home? What is the meaning of happiness? And how do you find it – just where you are? With his dependable flair for camera positions and people, Riedelsheimer travels to six different destinations to find out exactly that.

English/Original Title: THE COLOUR OF YEARNING. Writer: Thomas Riedelsheimer. Camera: Thomas Riedelsheimer. Sound: Shinya Kitamura, Ebrahim Al-Fadhala, Felix Riedelsheimer. Editing: Thomas Riedelsheimer. Music: Julius Krebs. Production: Filmpunkt. Producer: Stefan Tolz. Length: 92 min. Distribution: Piffl Medien

#Religion, Psychology, Lifestyles