France, Niger 2016 – Director: Aïcha Macky – Original language: French, Haussa – Subtitles: English

In West African Niger childlessness is a taboo. With sensitive visual language and in very personal interviews the filmmaker Aicha Macky, who herself does not have any children, approaches this topic. This film about the role of women becomes a mirror for Nigerian society.

English/Original Title: THE FRUITLESS TREE. Writer: Aïcha Macky. Camera: Julien Bossé. Sound: Corneille Houssou. Editing: Aurélie Jourdan. Music: Dominique Peter. Production: Les films du balibari, Maggia Images. Producer: Clara Vuillermoz, Sani Magori. Length: 52 min. International Sales: Point du Jour International

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