Macedonia 2017 – Director: Ilija Cvetkovski – Original language: Macedonian – Subtitles: English

When you are old can you still have dreams? Dionis is a teacher who is just about to retire and in his spare time is a passionate collector of old cars. To house his collection he wants to build a museum in a small town in Macedonia. Sometimes you have to be crazy to achieve something!

Writer: Marijana Kotevska. Camera: Dragan Pakovski, Samir Ljuma. Sound: Zoran Prodanov, Ivica Jankulovski, Atanas Georgiev, Aleksandar Gjorgjevic. Editing: Atanas Georgiev. Music: FOLTIN. Production: Trice Films. Producer: Atanas Georgiev. Length: 66 min. International Sales: Trice Films

#Religion, Psychology, Lifestyles #Eastern Europa / Russia