United Kingdom 2016 – Director: Tarquin Ramsay – Original language: English – Subtitles: German

Since he was 15 Tarquin Ramsay has had one question on his mind: what does free speech actually mean? In search of an answer he meets well-known whistle blowers, hackers and Hollywood stars. The journey of a 20-year-old into the heart of a global debate – forceful and fearless.

Writer: Tarquin Ramsay. Camera: Niels Ladefoged (Insofar Media). Sound: Edward Glynne, Ben Jones, Rock Charlotte Riddick. Editing: Emma Vickers, David Naden, Niels Ladefoged, Roland Musolff. Music: Peter Salmang. Production: Fear Free Films, Zeitfilm Media. Producer: Tarquin Ramsay, Susan Benn, Joerg Altekruse. Length: 80 min. International Sales: Paul Thiltges Distributions. Distribution: Real Fiction Filme.

#Technology, Digital Culture #Politics and Current Affairs