France, Serbia 2016 – Director: Ognjen Glavonić – Original language: Albanian, Serbian – Subtitles: English

Against forgetting! In 1999 a lorry containing 53 corpses was recovered from the Danube. The same bodies emerge again two years later in a mass grave in Belgrade. What happened? Glavonić’s mystical political thriller confronts his country with its own history.

English/Original Title: DUBINA DVA. Writer: Ognjen Glavonić. Camera: Tatjana Krstevski. Sound: Jakov Munižaba. Editing: Jelena Maksimović. Production: Non-Aligned Films. Producer: Dragana Jovović, Sandra Orlovic. Length: 80 min. International Sales: Ioanna Stais, Heretic Outreach.

#History and Coming to Terms with the Past #Eastern Europa / Russia