31st International Documentary Film Festival Munich
May 05 to 15, 2016
DOK.horizonte 2012
  • Thursday
    Rio 2
    Spanish original with German subtitles
  • Saturday
    Gasteig Vortragssaal
    Spanish original with English subtitles


Dulce Maria (28) and her brother Francisco (22) live in a village somewhere in Nicaragua. They are both deaf-mute and until now they have lived without any official form of communication with the world around them. A masterpiece of aesthetic images and plea for language as a fundamental human right. – Nicaragua, Turkey 2011 – Director: Adam Isenberg – Original language: spanish – Subtitles: english

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“Around 30 years ago deaf people in Nicaragua developed their own sign language.” Dulce Maria and Francisco were born around the same time. The brother and sister are deaf-mute and live with their family in a small village somewhere in Nicaragua. They have never used language in any official form and so they live their lives incapable of expressing themselves to others. Unforseen worlds are revealed to the siblings when a sign language teacher visits them. A painstaking journey begins and what counts in the end is the determination to face up to their fear of the new and the liberating right to an individual voice.
An almost silent film that speaks volumes with its impressive images – and a plea against deafening naivety. Carolina Piotrowski

English/Original Title: A Life Without Words. Camera: Adam Isenberg. Sound: Alper Türkkan. Editing: Senem Tüzen. Production: Zela Film. Producer: Senem Tüzen. Length: 71 min. International Sales: Zela Film