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Contemporary documentary films on politics and society – Beyond blossoming landscapes

How does the legacy of the GDR continue to have an impact today? How great are the disappointments in the face of dashed hopes? This can be seen not only in the jagged edges of open-cast lignite mining in the Lausitz (Lusatia), but also in the political careers of women who began to become involved in the various parties of the democratic spectrum in the early 1990s. A further field is education in schools that conforms to the system between pedagogical mandate and ideological influence. Finally, there is the question of how cultural involvement in local communities can give people new self-confidence. The four documentary films shed light on the past and present in East Germany and use sensitive portraits to show how people live with it.

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Deutschland 2023 – Director: Sabine Michel – Original language: German – Subtitles: None

Symbolic: on the election campaign stand in front of the Mäc Geiz discount store, the left-wing politician Anke Domscheit-Berg discusses the differences in pay between East and West Germany with passers-by – more than thirty years after reunification. She is one of four female politicians with East German backgrounds portrayed in the film. Alongside her, Manuela Schwesig, Yvonne Magwas and Frauke Petry analyse German history – and their own life stories. Anka Klauck


Writer: Sabine Michel. Camera: Uwe Mann. Sound: Oliver Prasnikar. Editing: Thomas Kleinwächter, Hanka Knipper. Production: solo:film GmbH. Producer: Susann Schimk. Length: 90 min.

  • Thursday
  • 18:00
  • Einstein 28