DOK.fest has Green Visions

The Green Visions film series presents environmental documentaries from around the world, including discussions with directors, environmental experts, or film critics.

This semester the thematic focus is on climate and environmental justice.
The series is a cooperation between the Rachel Carson Center, der Münchner Volkshochschule (Munich Adult Education Centre) and DOK.fest München.

Our guest for a subsequent film discussion: Prof. Dr. Ann-Kathrin Kaufhold (Lehrstuhl für Staats- und Verwaltungsrecht, LMU München) | Moderation: Jan Sebening (DOK.fest München)

Free admission!


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Niederlande 2022 – Director: Nic Balthazar – Free admission

Roger Cox dares to do the impossible: He is the first lawyer ever to sue the Dutch government and the oil giant Shell on behalf of 17,000 citizens. The reason? Both are knowingly putting the climate and thus our future at risk – and that should be punishable according to Roger Cox. The award-winning docu-crime follows him as he sues powerful states and corporations for climate protection. The two landmark rulings led to an international wave of successful court cases and show a new, powerful path for climate protection.


Writer: Nic Balthazar. Camera: Ben Steensels, Pascal Poissonier, Arne Focketyn und weitere. Sound: Koen De Leeuw, Susanne Helmer, Joren Desmidt und weitere. Editing: Arne Focketyn, Pascal Poissonier, Rob Cuypers und weitere. Production: N.N.. Producer: Nic Balthazar, Sarah Tak. Length: 57 min.

  • Tuesday
  • 18:30
  • Einstein 28