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Less? Perspectives on the limits of growth

When does the higher, further, faster of capitalism reach an order of magnitude that we can no longer cope with? What options are left to us if we no longer want to bow to the dictates of the unconditional idea of growth in the future? What could viable alternatives look like? Questions like these are addressed by the four documentary films in very different ways, without giving simple answers: They are as much about everyday consumption in the countryside as they are about the meagre life of a shepherd in the Netherlands, or quite fundamentally about a good, fulfilled working life as they are about dystopian visions of deserted areas that are being reclaimed by nature.


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Deutschland 2021 – Director: Antje Hubert – Free admission

What do we need for a good life? Not much, according to the two village shop owners from Delve in Dithmarschen. Something to eat, something to drink, and the freedom to take time for what you are doing. Together they have opened a village shop – a 40 square metre, fun-loving universe of regional vegetables, carefully arranged shelves, chit-chat and cohesion. And an island in a sea of discounters that have long since displaced the small shops in the countryside. For two years, Antje Hubert's film team travelled through northern and eastern German villages. They tell of people who dare to do something new in the vacuum of traditions that have almost been lost: a former shop manager rescues her old consumerism through time, a well-travelled chef becomes manager of a small food market, a farm community with an organic shop develops solutions for a sustainable and just world on an old LPG, a mayor builds a vending machine and a supermarket owner takes over the elaborate supply of the Hallig people in the Wadden Sea. A passionate plea for places where people can meet and exchange ideas. (Antje Hubert / die thede)

Writer: Antje Hubert. Camera: Henning Brümmer. Editing: Magdolna Rokob. Music: Roland Musolff. Production: mairafilm in Koproduktion mit dem NDR. Producer: Antje Hubert. Length: 98 min. Distribution: die thede

  • Thursday
  • 18:00
  • Einstein 28