DOK.fest at MittDOKs

Wednesday is documentary film day at Monopol Kino Munich: DOK.fest München regularly presents a special festival highlight at the MittDOKs. This time NACH DER ARBEIT, which was screened at DOK.fest München 2022 in the section DOK.focus BRAVE NEW WORK.

With a subsequent film and audience talk with director Alexander Riedel.

Admission: 12,50 euros, reduced 10,50 euros



Germany 2021 – Director: Alexander Riedel – Admission: 12,50 euros, red. 10,50 euros

What do you do the whole blessed day when you’ve got nothing lined up? Are meal times and doctor’s appointments all that remain? Under these circumstances, how do you manage to not get stuck in front of the television? In his film, Alexander Riedel reflects on retirement, the transition into this particular new phase of life and the significance and insignificance of work. Ina Borrmann


Writer: Alexander Riedel Bettina Timm. Camera: Tim Kuhn Alexander Riedel Tobi Tempel Julian Krubasik. Sound: Konstantin Kirilow. Editing: Alexander Riedel Ursula Ambach Ulrike Tortora. Music: J.Peter Schwalm. Production: PelleFilm. Producer: Bettina Timm. Length: 113 min. International Sales: PelleFilm / W-Film. Distribution: W-Film.

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  • Wednesday
  • 18:30
  • Monopol Kino
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