DOK.fest is in the Here&Now: Brave New Working Worlds

Contemporary documentaries on politics and society

The film series Here&Now (Hier&Jetzt) shows outstanding contemporary documentary films that open up new perspectives on Germany in terms of film aesthetics as well as political analysis. These include observations of everyday life, portraits of individual fates, interviews, compilations, experimental forms or socially critical analyses of our present.
What does the future of work look like? How are digitalisation and modern communication changing the world of work and life? Is there still such a thing as manual labour and physical labour? The four documentaries in the seventh edition of this film series deal with different types of work today and show a whole spectrum ranging from wage labour in German households to the questionable fascination with work as an influencer to heavy factory work or the everyday office madness bordering on burnout.

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Portugal 2019 – Director: Inês Gil – Free admission

The economic crisis of 2008 leaves its mark to this day – above all on Europe’s outer fringes. Calmly and sensitively the film takes us inside the microcosm of a tannery and its remaining community of workers. A study of decline.


English/Original Title: CURTIR A PELE. Camera: João Pedro Plácido. Sound: Tiago Raposinho. Editing: Parícia Severino. Production: C.R.I.M. PRODUCTIONS. Producer: Joana Ferreira & Isabel Machado. Length: 76 min.

  • Thursday
  • 18:00
  • Einstein 28