DOK.fest has Green Visions

The Green Visions film series presents environmental documentaries from around the world, including discussions with directors, environmental experts, or film critics.

This semester the thematic focus is on the living space of the city.
The series is a cooperation between the Rachel Carson Center, der Münchner Volkshochschule (Munich Adult Education Centre) and DOK.fest München.

Guest for a subsequent film discussion: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dorothee Rummel (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) | Moderation: Lena Engel (Rachel Carson Center)

Free admission!



Deutschland, Großbritannien 2017 – Director: Matthew Gandy – Free admission

The “Brache” (wasteland) is an uncultivated field. Many places in post-war Berlin used to be eyesores that later became habitats for very special flora and fauna. These “urban wastelands” were not only an ideal adventure playground for children but they were also discovered by scientists from all over the world as unique objects of research. Now, with the construction boom in the capital, they are gradually disappearing. It is high time for a visit to this precious, exciting nature in our cities.


Writer: Matthew Gandy, Sandra Jasper. Camera: Luise Schröder. Sound: Jonathan Schorr. Editing: Wiebke Hofmann. Production: N.N.. Producer: Matthew Gandy, Sandra Jasper, Nadja Hermann. Length: 70 min.

  • Tuesday
  • 18:30
  • Einstein 28