DOK.fest is in the Here&Now: Racism in Germany

Contemporary documentaries on politics and society

Racism in Germany continues to be a phenomenon with political, social and moral implications. Whether it is openly expressed, concealed, structurally designed or institutionally anchored – its manifold manifestations require a close look at very different levels. The series "Hier&Jetzt" – a cooperation between the Münchner Volkshochschule (Munich Adult Education Centre) and DOK.fest München – deals with the experience of racism in four outstanding documentaries. Whether in sport, in everyday life situations, in contexts of political solidarity or in intercultural love relationships: Racism is something that characterises the reality of West Germany – and looking away is not an option.

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Deutschland 2018 – Director: Lars Barthel – Free admission

Lars Barthel asks his Jamaican wife Antoinette why she often wears hair extensions. This personal curiosity leads Lars and his film to some complex and politically-charged questions. What is the relationship between hair and racism? And where do the hair extensions actually come from?


Co-Director: Marian Kiss. Writer: Lars Barthel. Camera: Lars Barthel. Editing: Marian Kiss. Music: diverse Originalmusiken. Production: Koberstein Film. Producer: Maria Wischnewski. Length: 81 min. International Sales: N.N. Distribution: N.N.

  • Thursday
  • 18:00
  • Einstein 28