DOK.fest goes Nantesbuch

In the heart of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, Gut Nantesbuch is surrounded by forests, meadows and moors. This is where the Art and Nature Foundation works on its extensive nature grounds: on approx. 320 ha, it develops and maintains the landscape with comprehensive measures in renaturation, landscape conservation, forest conversion and extensive agriculture and forestry. The "Langes Haus" serves as a central event venue and starting point for a diverse cultural and educational programme.

In October we will present the film LAND by Timo Großpietsch followed by a film discussion with the director.
Moderation: Daniel Sponsel (Festival Director of DOK.fest München)

Entry: 7.00pm
Venue: Gut Nantesbuch, Langes Haus (Karpfsee 12, 83670 Bad Heilbrunn)
Admission: 12,00 euros, reduced 8,00 euros (The choice between regular and reduced fee is at the discretion of the participants.)


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Deutschland 2020 – Director: Timo Großpietsch – Admission: 8-12 euros

The machines ceaselessly process what is yielded by the ground. In the director Timo Großpietsch’s large-scale images, the landscape that assimilated man long ago stretches out in front of us. The swansong of growth-driven society’s logic.


No youth rating

Writer: Timo Großpietsch. Camera: Timo Großpietsch. Sound: Michel Wähling. Editing: Andreas von Huene. Music: Vladyslav Sendecki. Production: NDR. Producer: Christoph Mestmacher. Length: 76 min. Distribution: Realfiction.

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  • 19:30
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