DOK.fest München meets MVHS: Film Series Hier & Jetzt – Men's Worlds

Contemporary documentaries on politics and society

The series Hier & Jetzt – a cooperation by the Münchner Volkshochschule with DOK.fest München – is entering its 4th round. In the current programme, we take a look at "men's worlds": they are supposed to be strong, active and successful, at the same time empathetic, caring and cautious – the expectations placed on men have become more diverse but also more contradictory.
How do they deal with these changed social demands? How can they lead a successful life between traditional role models, new challenges and their own desires? The films portray men's lives that are very individual and personal but at the same time reflect social attributions and constraints.
Film selection: Anne Thomé, DOK.fest München

Guest for a subsequent film talk: director Danial Shekar

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Deutschland 2020 – Director: Danial Shekar – Free admission

573 km by foot in seven days – with a rucksack weighing 32kg. A 22-year-old films himself during a desperate attempt to achieve the impossible. A journey through Germany by day and night, always on the verge of collapse.

No youth rating

English/Original Title: WHY CAN'T THE DEVIL BE BEAUTIFUL. Writer: Danial Shekar. Camera: Danial Shekar & Dariush Mohtadi. Sound: Danial Shekar. Editing: Danial Shekar. Music: Artlist. Production: Red Anvil Pictures. Producer: Ali Shekar. Length: 93 min. Distribution: Noch keinen

  • Thursday
  • 18:00
  • Einstein 28