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Deutschland 2021 – Director: Lisa Eder – Admission: 10 euros, reduced 9 euros

The Bavarian Forest National Park, together with the neighbouring Sumava National Park in Czech Republic, is the biggest continuous forest conservation area in Central Europe. Breathtaking shots of fauna and flora allow us to sense the beauty of nature up close.

Without age restriction

Writer: Lisa Eder. Camera: Tobi Corts, Heiko Knauer, Dietmar Nill, Robin Jähne. Sound: Tomas Bastian. Editing: Georg Michael Fischer. Music: Sebastian Fillenberg. Production: Lisa Eder Film GmbH. Producer: Lisa Eder. Length: 89 min. International Sales: Albatross World Sales GmbH. Distribution: mindjazz pictures.

  • Sunday
  • 18:00
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