Guest at Filmkunstwochen

DOK.fest@Cinema: with several festival films DOK.fest is once again a guest at the 69th Filmkunstwochen München, the summer festival of local arthouse cinemas. From July 28 to August 25 in and around Munich.

Guest: Director Hannah Schweier

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Admission: 9 Euro (Reduction and cinema day possible depending on the cinema. Surcharge for overlength.)
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Deutschland 2020 – Director: Hannah Schweier – Original language: German – Subtitles: English, German

Grandma Berta's beloved "Zollhaus" is on the verge of ruin. She has devoted her entire life to the inn and farm. Now her granddaughter Monika, the filmmaker's sister, is to take over the heavily indebted family business in the Bavarian region Oberpfalz. What makes Monika abandon her previous plans and move to the countryside to live with her grandmother? The director decides to accompany her sister for a year in this supposedly Sisyphean undertaking.

Monika puts all her energy into the dilapidated farm and is constantly confronted with its history: Grandma Berta's Schnitzel were legendary. But only the jukebox remains from the exuberant evenings in the crowded inn. Berta had to bury her husband, two of her sons and a grandson. She is not a woman of soft words and is relentlessly direct. This soon leads to conflicts. At first, the director watches her tireless sister stunned. But she understands better and better that Monika has found a new dream with the customs house. In this way, she succeeds in providing an intimate insight into a family chronicle. The film confronts us with the universal question of when it is time to live dreams, and how quickly this time can be over. (Annina Wettstein, DOKLeipzig)


English/Original Title: 80.000 SCHNITZEL. German title: 80.000 SCHNITZEL. Writer: Hannah Schweier. Camera: Stefanie Reinhard. Sound: Markus Egloff. Production: Zum goldenen Lamm. Producer: Stefan Sporbert. Length: 102 min.

  • Sunday
  • 11:00
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