Guests: Nicholas Bruckman (director), Ady Barkan (protagonist, activist)

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Guests on Tuesday, 11 May, 8.00pm, for the film NOT GOING QUIETLY:

Nicholas Bruckman, director
Ady Barkan, protagonist, activist

Moderation: Dr. Meike Zwingenberger, CEO Amerikahaus Munich, Vinzent Puchner

The conversation will take place in English.


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The event is free of charge, the livestream and the chat are available on the DOK.fest München homepage.

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USA 2021 – Director: Nicholas Bruckman – Film Talks

“Be a Hero” is the maxim of the activist and father Ady Barkan, who was diagnosed at the age of 32 with ALS. Although his condition is deteriorating rapidly, he campaigns for social healthcare reform in USA. An inspiring insight into the life of a powerful hero.

We present the International Premiere of the film.

The subtitles are selectable in the audio settings of the video.

No youth rating

Co-Director: Jeffrey Winter. Production: People's Television. Producer: Amanda Roddy. Length: 96 min. International Sales: The Film Collaborative

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  • 20:00
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