Meet the Experts: on Distribution Strategies

One-to-One Consultancies with Jan Rofekamp

To get your film out in the festival circuit may sound easy, but there are some things you should pay attention to: Which festival would fit your profile?How to prepare the submission? And how can this help increase the visibility for your film? 

Jan Rofekamp offers a wide range of consultancy with the main target to increase the visibility and marketability of a documentary. From pitch preparation, looking at pitch texts, trailers and preparing one-to-one meetings, to de-briefing after pitch events, analyzing results, setting priorities and making contacts, to films in work-in- progress situations, seeking the right festival and sales options including contract advice.


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  • Thursday
  • 10:00
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Jan Rofekamp
Consultant (films transit international)

Jan Rofekamp founded Films Transit in 1982 and has been involved with sales and production of quality documentaries ever since. Today more as a consultant he participates at workshops at many important documentary events and festivals consulting hundreds of producers and filmmakers.