/ Shortlist ARRI Amira Award

The festival’s main competition section brings together 13 premieres from Mexico to Norway to China. The themes are diverse and the signatures are individual.



Deutschland, Schweiz 2019 – Director: Alexandra Kaufmann – Original language: spanish – Subtitles: english

Paula and Xana love horses and help out as often as possible on Lois’ farm. Lois looks after neglected animals, which makes her all the more endearing. A touching filmic novella about a childhood in Spain and the first encounter with death.

We present the world premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2019.




Writer: Alexandra Kaufmann. Camera: Bastian Esser, Livia Romano. Sound: Maximilian Pongratz. Editing: Ylenia Busolli. Production: Evolution Film. Producer: Sonja Kilbertus (vml. Kulkarni). Length: 82 min. International Sales: NEW DOCS

  • Tuesday
  • 14:30
  • HFF - Audimax
  • Original with English subtitles