RIDM Award

The Montréal International Documentary Festival RIDM (14 to 18 November 2020) and its industry event, the RIDM Forum, offer two full accreditations for the industry events and the festival. In addition, the director will have a reserved place in the RIDM Forum Talent Lab and the producer will have the opportunity to present his project to more than 80 decision-makers in one-on-one interviews.


Award winner 2020: THE VILLAGE NEXT TO PARADISE of Mo Harawe, Alexander von Piechowski

THE VILLAGE NEXT TO PARADISE follows a Somali family and their daily struggles during the course of a scorching hot and windy summer. All of this is inseparable from the socio-political situation of a country living with civil wars, natural disasters and a post-colonial legacy. An attempt to find one’s bearings with the help of a film that is shot under documentary conditions in Somalia.


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