Pitch Award sponsored by Haus des Dokumentarfilms

A pitch award for emerging filmmakers

The pitch competition offers students from our partner universities the opportunity to further develop their current projects in exchange with editors, producers and distributors as part of the DOK.forum marketplace and to win new financing partners. The prize for the best student pitch is donated by Haus des Dokumentarfilms Stuttgart and is endowed with 2,500 euros in research funding.



Award winner 2021: DER SIEBTE SOHN by Max Carlo Kohal

Jury statement

„Max Carlo Kohal takes us into a clearly defined universe for his long-term observation - a cargo ship on European inland waters. From Basel to Rotterdam, always along the Rhine. Three men steer the ship and spend their lives there. With the director, we accompany the young Rudmer, who will spend the next three years training to become a sailor. The jury of the Pitch Award appreciates this insight into a world that is unknown and unseen. [...] The director shows us the complex world of industrialised goods traffic - and at the same time presents a very personal film here, shot in a very confined space, a globalisation story from below."

Jury 2021

Antje Boehmert (DOCDAYS Productions GmbH)
Anne-Kathrin Brinkmann (ZDF/ARTE)
Tobias Cassau (ZDF/ARTE)
Petra Felber (BR)
Sharon Nun (ORF)
Sara Günter (ZDF, funk)
Jutta Krug (WDR)
Chatherine Le Goff (ARTE)
Esther van Messel (First Hand Films)
Peter Schernhuber (Diagonale)
Aline Schmid (Beauvoir Films)
Marcus Vetter (SWR)
Sven Wälti (SRG SSR)
Ralph Wieser (Mischief Films)


Participating film academies

Students from the following universities were invited to submit their projects for the Pitch Award 2021:

DFFB, Berlin
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg
Filmakademie Vienna
Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
HEAD Geneva
HFBK Hamburg
HFF Munich
HFG Karlsruhe
IFS Cologne
KHM Cologne
Kunsthochschule Kassel
Macromedia, Munich
ZeLIG, Bolzano
ZHdK, Zurich

Award winner 2020: AFTER THE GODS of Jasmine Alakari

What happens when young people start to build their own society and have to figure out what’s right and wrong all over again? The eleven-years-old Taranom is growing up in a landscape of total chaos, an occupied square “Exarcheia”, in Athens Greece, which remains the battleground of the anarchist and the police. She tries to force her mother Mariam, a radical feminist fighter, who is not afraid to use violence for her battle, to stop her political activities. Believing she can solve problems in a non-violent way, she picks up the camera and heads out to document how her invented fantasy figure takes on conflicts. One of the people she tries to help is her friend Abtin, leader of the militant anarchists and hunted by the anti terrorist police.

Jury statement

„A melancholy, probably sometimes desperate swan song about false promises of happiness and the deep longing of young people who do not want to accept their own hopelessness and powerlessness. AFTER THE GODS promises wild commitment and a tender look at chaos. An essay between social and aesthetic fronts, full of poetry and yet politically wide awake! Driven by all the contradictions in front of and behind the camera, Jasmin Alakari tells a universal story with a slightly aching pinch of humour."


Jury 2020

Anne-Kathrin Brinkmann, ZDF/Arte
Petra Felber, BR (D)
Timo Großpietsch, NDR (D)
Jutta Krug, WDR (D)
Sonia Otto, INDI films (D)
Aline Schmid, Beauvoir Films (CH)
Peter Schernhuber, Diagonale (AT)
Siegfried Steinlechner, ORF (AT)
Esther van Messel, First Hand Films (CH)
Sven Wälti, SRG SSR (CH)
Ralph Wieser, Mischief Films (AT) 
Marcus Vetter, SWR (D)


Participating universites

The students of the following universities were invited to submit their projects for the Pitch Award 2020:

DFFB, Berlin
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg
Filmakademie Wien
Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
HFBK Hamburg
HFF München
HFG Karlsruhe
IFS Köln
KHM Köln
Kunsthochschule Kassel
Macromedia, München
ZeLIG, Bozen
ZHdK, Zürich