Last Weekend Festival Pass


Watch over 100 films flexibly in terms of time and place: this is possible with our online programme nationwide until Sunday, 22 May! For all those who make up their minds at the last minute, the Last Weekend Festival Pass gives you the opportunity to discover the online film programme in depth.

Last Weekend Festivalpass @home: 20,00 Euro (from Friday, 20 May, noon)

Discover the highlights of the 37th DOK.fest München on the digital screen!


Watching films with the Festival Pass - this is how it works

You can purchase the Festival Pass either directly or in the course of your next ticket purchase. Simply select a film. In the payment process you will then also be offered our Festival Passes. Together with your pass you will also receive a ticket ID. Simply enter this when you buy your next ticket and you will be taken directly to the digital screen.

While stocks last

Please note that individual films can only be offered online with a limited contingent or limited time availability, even for viewers with a Festival Pass. A part of the contingent is reserved for Festival Passes, but we still advise you to watch these films at the beginning of the Festival. You will find information about limited availability in the overview of limited films.


Helpdesk & Hotline

For questions about purchasing tickets and for technical problems:
Mon, 09 May to Sun, 22 May, 12.00am to 11.00pm
Phone: 0800 006 01 52