Please find here answers to many questions about the dual festival edition 2022.

Helpdesk & Service

Where do I turn for technical problems and questions?

For questions regarding ticket purchase for cinema and online and technical problems:

Mon, April 25 to Sun, May 08: 12am to 8pm
Mon, May 09 to Sun, May 22: 12am to 11pm
Tel.: 0800 006 01 52

If you cannot reach us on the hotline, please try again later. If all our staff are on the line, you will not hear a busy signal but a regular ring tone.

Email: support@dokfest-muenchen.de

Hygiene Measures

What hygiene measures apply at the festival?

We kindly ask our guests to keep in mind the currently applicable Corona measures and recommend keeping their distance and wearing a mask indoors.

At some venues masks are compulsory, please note any specific regulations of the venues.

Everything about the dual festival edition

What does "dual" mean?

By "dual" we mean that for the first time we can offer almost our entire film programme both in cinemas and venues in Munich and online. Nevertheless, we see DOK.fest München as one festival where the quality of the individual films is always at the center.

How long can I use the on-site services, how long can I use the online services?

The programme in the cinemas and venues on site and the online programme of the festival is slightly delayed: From Wednesday, 4 May we open the cinema programme in Munich, which can be seen in total until 15 May. From 9 May, we will additionally offer most of the films online. The online programme will run a little longer until 22 May.

How do the Festival Pass variants (Cinema / Online / Dual) work?

Select a film from our programme overview

Online / dual Festival pass:

  • Click on "Redeem code" in the film.
  • Enter the code of your festival pass, which you will find in the order confirmation for the festival pass.
  • Click on "Go" and the film will start.

Cinema / dual Festival pass:

  • Click on the button "ticket" in the video window and select a play date.
  • Then place a ticket in the shopping cart.
  • Go to "checkout"
  • Enter in the next step with your name and email address under "with code?" also your festival pass code, which you will find in the order confirmation for the festival pass.

More about the festival pass here.

What can I buy a voucher for and how?

For the first time, you can buy gift vouchers directly at the dual festival.

  • To do so, please click on the orange "Give a gift voucher" button on the right-hand side of a film page. Now you can choose between three variants:
    Voucher for a single ticket cinema or online
    Voucher for a festival pass online or cinema
    Voucher for a Festival Pass Dual

  • Please select the desired number and enter your name and email address in the next step.
  • You can then choose between three payment methods: PayPal, credit card or direct debit
  • After payment you will receive the voucher for download with ticket code.
  • The recipient can enter the code to the question "With code?" in the checkout process for a free cinema ticket and receive a free ticket.
  • He or she receives a free online ticket by entering the code via "Redeem ticket ID" in the video window.
  • The voucher is valid for the entire festival period.

Click here to buy a voucher

Ticket purchase

How do I buy a ticket?

Select a film from our programme overview.

Online ticket

  • Click on the orange button "ticket" on the film page.
  • In the overview of the plays, please select "Online" as well as the desired number of tickets.
  • Click on "Add to shopping cart" to confirm your selection.
  • Now please click "checkout" and enter your name, e-mail address and postcode (for our audience statistics).
  • After clicking on "pay now" you can select a payment provider. After completing the payment process, you will receive your ticket. The ticket will also be sent to you by email.
  • On your ticket you will find your ticket ID. Once the film is available online, you can enter this when you next log in to the question "with code?" or in the video window at "ticket-ID".
  • As soon as you can watch the film, the "Play" button will appear in the video window.

Cinema ticket

  • Click on the orange button "Ticket" on the film page.
  • In the overview of plays, please select the desired play as well as the desired number of tickets.
  • Click on "Add to shopping cart" to confirm your selection.
  • Now please click "checkout" and enter your name, e-mail address and postcode (for our audience statistics).
  • After clicking on "pay now" you can select a payment provider. After completing the payment process, you will receive your ticket for download. The ticket will also be sent to you by email.
  • On your ticket you will find your ticket ID and the QR code. You can show this code at the entrance either on your mobile phone or in printed form.


How much does a ticket cost?

The ticket price at the dual festival is basically 7.50 euros for a single ticket (with individual exceptions), whether online or in the cinema. With the low ticket price to the on-site events, we want to support our cinema partners. At the same time, with a slightly higher price for the online ticket, we are setting an example for the high quality of our film programme.

How can I get tickets for different films at once?

As soon as you have placed a ticket in your shopping basket, the note "Buy tickets for further dates" appears above the "Checkout" button. You will now be taken to the list of all film titles and can in turn select performances. Click on "continue" to complete payment.

What payment methods are available?

You can buy your ticket with the following payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay

Watch films online

Can I also watch the films on my TV?

Yes, this is possible in most cases. To do so, connect your computer (or your smartphone or tablet) to your TV, for example via an HDMI cable. Alternatively, you can access the films directly on the TV if a corresponding player (e.g. Apple Airplay) is connected to the TV.

Can I watch the films in HD?

All films are available in full HD, i.e. with a maximum of 1920x1080 pixels.

What happens if my internet connection is weak?

We automatically adjust the quality of the movies to your internet connection and device performance. If you have a slow internet connection, it may happen that the film does not play in the best possible quality.

Can I delete my browser cookies while watching a film?

Yes, but we don’t recommend this. Even though the film will continue to play, all the interactions with the portal will end up in an error and you would have to verify again via the ticket ID.

Which devices can I use to watch the films?

The films can be rented and watched via your browser. It is strongly recommended to always use one of the two latest major versions for all browsers. The following devices and web browsers are supported for viewing content via the Embed Player:

* These combinations of operating systems and browsers currently allow video playback. However, there is currently no official support from Google and Microsoft for this device-browser combination.


How does Pantaflix, the technology partner of DOK.fest München 2022, use my data?

Your personal user data will not be given to third parties. Take a look at the Pantaflix privacy policy for more details. 

Are Chromecast and Airplay supported?

The films can be streamed to a TV via Airplay. (Chromecast is not available at the moment) To do this, simply play the title of your choice and then press the cast button in the player. You can then select the device to which you want to cast.

Further questions about watching online

I bought a ticket and would like to watch the film later.

You can also watch your film later. After starting the film for the first time, it will be available to you for 48 hours.

  • Call up your confirmation email. You will find your code there.
  • Click on "Redeem code" in the film.
  • Enter the code from your confirmation email in the field and click on "Go!".
  • The film starts.

At the top right of the film you will find icons that you can use to make various settings, including the language and language of the subtitles, playback quality and full-screen mode.


How long can I watch the film I have bought?

From the first start of the film, it is available for 48 hours. By "first start" we mean clicking on "watch now" or "go". If you do not want to watch the purchased film right away, you have until 22 May 2022 to do so.

What is the age rating of the films?

Please note that our films are only accessible from a minimum age of 18 years. This is for formal reasons. As the films in our programme have not yet had a theatrical release in Germany, the youth rating has not yet been determined. Exceptions apply to the films of DOK.education und DOK.4teens. You can find the age rating on the respective film page. 

Why won't the film start playing?

There can be several reasons for this:

  • Your browser/device is not supported. Please try again on a different browser or device.
    We recommend the following browsers: Chrome from version 53, Firefox from version 57, Safari from version 11, Edge from version 14+ and Opera from version 31. Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.
    We recommend the following operating systems: MacOS from 10.9, Windows from 8.1, iOS from 11.2 and Android from 6.0 Marshmallow.
  • The period during which the film is available has already expired.
  • Your ticket ID has expired or you have already used your ticket ID to start another film. 
  • You have already played the film on too many devices/browsers.
  • The film is played on too many devices at the same time.


Are some films only available to watch for limited periods of time and why?

For some films, the contingent is limited or the time availability is restricted. This means that only a limited number of tickets can be purchased or the film can only be viewed during a certain period. This is in accordance with the requirements of the rights holders. You can find this information on the respective film page at the top right or here in the overview.

How can I participate in the voting for the audience award?

To vote for the kinokino Audience Award – sponsored by BR and 3sat, give your rating after watching the film. The voting tool is automatically displayed in the second half of the film as a pop-up window or when you exit the film via the arrow symbol at the top left. Voting closes on 20 May at 12.00 noon.

Why are there no subtitles?

If no subtitles are displayed, you may have to activate them first. To do so, click on the subtitle symbol at the top right of the film and select the desired subtitle language. 

Which language versions of the individual films are available?

The available language versions and subtitles can be found on the film page of the respective film. You can get there via the programme overview of DOK.fest München.
If several subtitle languages are indicated, it is possible to choose between them. To do so, please click on the subtitle symbol in the top right-hand corner of the player.

In which countries can I watch the films?

Our online programme is geo-blocked and can only be viewed in Germany. 

How often can I watch the film I have bought?

You can stop and restart the film at any time within the period of 48 hours after the first start. By "first start" we mean clicking on "watch now" or "go". The film can also be watched more than once within the period.

At what point can I skip individual films (in a short film programme)?

The festival programme of DOK.fest München 2022 is only possible in this way with the support of our sponsors and partners. In the first three minutes before the film, our partners introduce themselves in short clips. We kindly ask for your understanding that you will only be able to fast-forward and rewind afterwards.

Why a DOK.fest München watermark, can I remove it?

No, the watermark cannot be hidden. We show the films at DOK.fest München 2022 exclusively and within a limited time frame online and are obliged to mark them in such a way that unlawful distribution would be traceable.

Can I download the film?

No, you can only watch the film at DOK.fest München 2022 and not download it.