A platform for the discussion of media-political, technical and narrative trends

With the programme series "Re:arranging Reality", we will focus on post-production in documentary film in 2021. In addition, we will look at current media policy from the perspective of developments caused by the pandemic. With our workshops and consultancies on impact production, festival strategies and international co-production, we offer valuable training opportunities. The award and exciting case studies on virtual documentary narration highlight new trends in documentary storytelling.

Due to the ongoing travel and contact restrictions to contain the Corona pandemic, this year's will take place online. Perspectives 2021 @home

Here we present the programme segments of Perspectives 2021. From 20 April you will find all the associated events here.

New Media

We present new projects that use AR, VR, online formats or exhibition spaces to bring stories to life. We focus on new narrative trends and the future of documentary film.
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Re:arranging Reality

This year's new programme focus is on post-production. Editors share their experiences and we explore how editing affects the way we perceive real stories in documentary film.

Workshops & Consultancies

International industry experts offer One-on-One-advice on festival strategies, European co-production or how to work on impact producing as a filmmaker.

Media Policy

We provide a platform for current discussions of our changing working structures and invite experts to share their visions for the future of documentary film.

German-speaking events

From 20 April you will find here an overview of our German-speaking events here.

English-speaking events

From 20 April you can find here an overview of our English-speaking events. Perspectives – events archive Perspectives (2017 to 2020)

We present the past events of the Perspectives.

Overview of the editions

Who is Who 2020

The Who's Who of experts of the digital Perspectives 2020 can be found here.